Monday, November 21, 2011

Laura's Still Life

A good friend left this magazine clipping in my mailbox with a note attached saying," I know you can do something with this." It sparked my interest, so I took the challenge.

The timing was perfect because Halloween was right around the corner, and a design like this looked "SPOOKY," to me. I thought it would be a fun design for my front stoop. As I started to think about what I would use, the design process had begun. 1. I just happened to have purple cone flower pods in my own yard, check. 2. I had an urn similar to the one in Martha's design, check. 3. The question remained about where could score some dead, plant material. I would figure that detail out later.

When interpreting a design like this, to make it unique, you need to improvise. I found several feathery weeds with different colors and textures, in the fields around my daughter's riding stable. I used pepper berries as I could not locate the beautiful orange-y red rose hips, that Martha had used. I also decided to incorporated milk pods for their interesting shape. I found this to be a fun project because the challenge was in the hunt, and the ability to create something from nothing more than what you find outside.

It has been a few years since I created my "Still Life," design. Maybe it's time to think about trying it again. I hear a challenge... to make it even better second time around.

The very, very, very, best thing about the nature of this design is that it can be done without spending a dime. And, that's a good thing... as Martha says.

Until next time...L.                                                   

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