Monday, September 30, 2013

The Eagle Has Landed: Naturally Flawed

                                                                               "we are all intentionally flawed to make us unique"

                                                                                                                       by Rick Warren

While watching an episode of Oprah's Lifeclass with Rick Warren, who spoke about his experience buying a pair of distressed jeans (remember when you couldn't wait to buy your first pair of acid washed jeans?), he explained that the tag on the jeans read, "These jeans are intentionally flawed to make them unique." This quote really resonated with me on many levels. Just like when the trend would later translate into interior designs, hence the introduction of distressed wood finishes. Men (my husband for one), were really not on board with this concept. Paying for stuff that was purposefully flawed, and made to look old, did not register on any level. Why would anyone want clothing or furniture that had been washed with acid or beaten with a chain? I can remember the first time I took a piece of sand paper to something that I had just freshly painted--somehow, this didn't seem logical. It's interesting when you think about the flaws that we accept, and the ones of that we don't. It's our imperfections that make us unique, and my "naturally flawed" dining room walls were no exception.

So, in thinking about my dining room walls, I made a plan to update them, and bring them into the 21st Century. The wide pine boards were filled with tons of knots and imperfections, giving them a quintessential rustic feel. With a plan to cover up all that gorgeousness with paint, and bring the room up a few levels in formality, I worried about whether my vision for the space (warm-white walls in a glossy finish), would translate well. Would I be potentially ruining the walls by covering up the natural imperfections, that I had grown to love? Only time would tell.

trying out the family room rug in the new space

With the availability of Pinterest to provide endless visuals, and plenty of home magazines for inspiration; I was able to fine tune my design plan. That's not to say that I (we), didn't try a few color samples and finish samples; before finally deciding on our trim color in semi-gloss. All the trim in our home is painted in California's Dove White (a color that isn't even available anymore), mixed in Ben Moore's Satin Impervo. Yes folks, we're talking oil-based paint; because I love how easy it is to use. A color nightmare at the paint store, but I won't bore you with those details. By using our trim color, we hoped to enhance the design flow throughout the house; and provide a sense of cohesiveness to the other spaces. In going this route, it would also leave little room for additional color complications down the road.

walls, ceiling and trim all painted in the same color and finish

With a few remaining design details still outstanding (new mirror, buffet lamps, english dresser display and possibly a rug), I am very happy with the results.

A bright new dining space with walls that are reflective and warm. A job well done, with the help of some reinforcements.

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