Monday, September 23, 2013

ASID: Go Big or Go Home!

Photo credit: Andrew Swaine

I was creatively involved in the recent ASID NE "Excellence in Design Awards," and Client Magent(ism) speaker series by Angela Merola; making floral arrangements to help transform the event space for the evening. Creative Catering in Beverly was responsible for the delicious savories, including a yummy mashed potato bar.

Photo credit: Andrew Swaine

Having been referred to by the expression "Go Big or Go Home," when it comes to my design style; is a reference that I don't mind. It best describes my no-holds-barred kinda attitude, and detail oriented obsessions with events such as this one. Leaving no "leaf" unturned in the process lets me sleep at night, although the sleeping thing doesn't generally happen until the project is over. And, dark circles are just par for the course.

When making my event preparations, it's not unlike designing an interior space; and starting with a rug or wall color for inspiration. Creating an overall design concept by focusing in on one point-of-inspiration, helps to create a sense of cohesiveness to which the remaining details can relate back too. For this event, I decided to start with color.

In thinking about my starting point (color), I began to visualize the combination of red, black, and white. It had been expressed to me that the theme was red carpet, so touches of gold would also be appropriate. Considering the venue, a former Lamborghini dealership currently being used for events; made for an ideal backdrop. Just begin to visualize fabulous floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap the exterior, black tiled floors, and high ceilings. What more could a girl ask for, except of course, a Lamborghini? Last but not least was my audience, a room FULL of interior designers; therefore the designs must have a sense of contemporary.

Photo credit: Andrew Swaine

Designers: Linda Holt, Rosanne Palazola and Katherine Hawkins

The evening went very well. I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the speaker series, learning a little more about the interior design profession; and taking away a little something for my own business. It was great to have the chance to meet new designers, and catch up with a few familiar faces, one of which was my professor from New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, Sheryll Strohl-Hammett.

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