Thursday, December 15, 2011

Burlap Christmas, part deux

This will be the second year that we have cut down a tree at Durkee Trees in Littleton, Mass.  I am happy to report that this tree has been up since Thanksgiving weekend, and is still drinking water. It appears that we are in luck again this year.

As you know, I will be incorporating burlap into some of my Christmas designs this year. I added burlap ribbon to the tree to create a backdrop for my sparkly red berry strands. The burlap ribbon was purchased at my new favorite online craft store, Save on Crafts. A little elf is pictured off to the left, fixing the Christmas tree lights. This is the same little elf that had to have a Christmas tree two days after Thanksgiving. I guess we know who is in charge around here.

This picture was taken by my little elf, and insisted that it be used for the blog. This fish ornament was chosen by my son while on a shopping excursion with his Mimi at Jordan Marsh, many moons ago. He is now twenty one, so that gives you an idea of the time frame. It is funny how certain ornaments become favorites, and how they hold special memories for those who chose them. I remember being horrified at the sight of this fish when it arrived home. Back then, my tree was decorated in shades of pink which I know sounds quite frightening but at the time is seemed fine. It was the 90's, what can I say.

This is about the best picture that I could get of the tree. I only took about 300 pictures, but found it tough to work with the glare of the lights. I want to thank my little elf, because she helps to remind me about the true meaning of Christmas. THE PRESENTS!!!!

Until next time...L.

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