Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gifts of Boxwood

Sarah's Tree

I have been helping out at Eric's Flower Emporium in Reading, during the Christmas season. Much time has been spent making boxwood trees, I even think of them in my sleep. As I am not the shop designer, I have not had the pleasure of adorning the trees after they are made. I decided to make some of my own, and adorn them in my own style. I will be giving these trees as gifts, to some of the ladies that I love.  

Beth's Tree
In keeping with a natural theme, I selected my adornments appropriately. The birch, birch branches, hydrangea, and arborvitae branches are all from my yard. A trip to Jacobsons and the Boston Flower Market helped me with the remaining details. I absolutely adore satin ribbon, so off to Michaels.

A close up of an Arborvitae branch sprayed with silver metallic paint, and dusted with some glitter. This adds a subtle texture contrast to the boxwood.

Alison's Tree
A tree for my sister Alison's freshly painted dinning room was the inspiration behind this design. Not pictured is her beautiful chocolate brown hallway leading off of her dinning room. The color combinations she chose for her new home are outstanding.  

Mom's Tree
My Mom lives on the ocean in Manchester-by-the-Sea, therefore a tree with sand dollars collected from her beach, made sense.  I sprayed them with gold metallic paint, and added a dusting of glitter for some bling.

I especially like the striking combination of colors I used for this tree. It will be beautifully placed against an ocean backdrop. 

Cara's Tree

A tree for my bestie...need I say more.

Boxwood Tree Recipe:

Floral Picks
Pheasant Feathers
Dried Orange Slices
Silver and Gold Metallic Spray Paint
Glitter Sprinkles
Satin Ribbon
Plaid Flannel Ribbon
Reindeer Moss
Birch and Birch Branches
Crab apples
Sand dollars
Lotus Pods
Winter berry

My Tree
The great thing about these trees is that you can create your own recipe using your imagination. 

Until next time...L.

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