Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding WOW

Design by: Susan Ayala
It has been two months since I traveled to Oklahoma City, all by myself! I was chosen to receive a scholarship to attend a course at the Teleflora Education Center, in Oklahoma City. I enrolled in a four day intensive wedding design course, with the fabulously talented floral designer Susan Ayala.

Design by: Susan Ayala
A beautiful custom design by Susan using brooches, and a Lomey wire collar. Susan's bouquet designs incorporated traditional, and nontraditional collars. I enjoyed learning her creative techniques for adding interest, and glam to her wedding bouquets.

Design by: Susan Ayala
Designing with Lily-of-the-Valley can be a challenging task. Susan showed us how a faux version of Lily-of-the-Valley can work just as well.

Design by: Susan Ayala
This was designed in a square bouquet holder, which is a new product from the Smithers Oasis company.  I absolutely love the natural appeal of this design, and it has succulents from her California garden. Susan's choice of plant material creates the feeling of looking into a petite garden. Susan placed bamboo strips around the perimeter of the design to add depth and to hide her mechanics.

Design by: Susan Ayala
Check out the length of this cascade, it goes on forever. During the Wedding WOW course, I learned how to design cascades by using an armature. Armatures help to support the flowers, and to keep the overall design lighter in weight. When using an armature it allows you to cut back on the amount of floral material needed for the design, hence a lighter bouquet for the bride to carry.

I met a lot of great people while taking the Wedding WOW class, and learned a ton about the details that go into making a wedding flawless. I may even be able to adjust to biscuits and gravy for breakfast, but daily tornado warnings, I'm not so sure. Safely back home and ready for some typical New England weather.

Until next time...L.

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