Monday, March 11, 2013

Monet's Water Lily

artist | Dana Landry
Picturing a scene right out of Monet's water lily paintings helped me to envisioned this single bloom floating in the reflection of the Japanese Bridge. The artist behind this inspirational painting is Middle School student Dana Landry, who creates this beautiful oil pastel.

Capturing the natural appeal of Monet, and creating a home for my artist Dana's purple bloom will be my inspiration. Selecting flowers that drape and cascade will provide movement in the arrangement and create the perfect backdrop. An enchanted garden of sorts for those who happen upon it.

Mercury glass creates the feeling of water and reflection also seen in Monet's paintings.

Peonies... the French Impressionist Manet's favorite flower, and the focal point of my artist Dana's purple bloom. The tiny Buddha is representative of the Japanese bridge, and doubles as an architectural element often seen in the gardens of France.

It seems hard to believe that this is my eighth year participating in Art in Bloom. Where has the time gone? Hope to see you tonight at the opening night reception.

Until next time...L.

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