Friday, July 19, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY: Gardens at a glimpse...

It has taken many years of pruning (and re-pruning) to shape the plantings that I inherited when I moved into my home, sixteen years ago. The garden beds had been left unattended for sometime, resulting in very wooded and overgrown shrubs, that hung far beyond the walkways. Much time has been invested in utilizing what was on-hand to create what exists today. Transplanting plants and shrubs to help create fuller beds, and provide better light sources for the plants that were not thriving. It has been a true labor of love for me.

I wouldn't exactly call myself the plant whisperer, but the challenge of bringing back an overgrown shrub from the brink, gives me great satisfaction. While driving, I even find myself visually snipping strangers' misshapen shrubs from the steering wheel of my car; do they offer a recovery program for that?

It's just plain wasteful (in my humble opinion), to buy new (although I do that too); with a little care and handling, overgrown and wooded shrubs have the potential to be beautiful again. I have been asked on occasion to consult with clients (a shrub intervention of sorts) on suspicious shrubs, to determine whether or not they can be saved. Most times, the answer is yes.

A fun topiary-shaped Holly Tree that sits beside my door, and provides fabulous cuttings for winter designs.

A little garden bling, courtesy of Mom.

With tons of patience, and a little help with the heavy lifting, I am finally getting to the point where I am happy with my garden surroundings. If you ever want advice on whether a plant or shrub in your own yard is worth saving, send me a picture, and I will try to help.

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