Monday, August 19, 2013

Club Med: Mexican Style

It all began... with mis padres, and a little help with the planning on behalf of mi hermana.

Eight days on the Pacific Coast of Mexico was the recipe for total relaxation, mainly because when it's 90+ degrees and the humidity level is off the charts; moving is virtually impossible. But drinking Margaritas however, is not!

Beautiful panoramic views off the Pacific Coast, were the color of cerulean blue.



and Succulent vegetation.

From Zumba classes to nightly dance parties, there was no shortage of fun at Club Med Ixtapa. Even an excursion to DELFINITI IXTAPA to swim with dolphins, did not disappoint. And if doing absolutely nothing was on your agenda, well a massage or two, might be doctors orders.

And who won't forget being serenaded by a Mariachi Band on his Eleventh birthday, this guy.

Belly up to the bar, as they say, for another smoothie. Which will it be this time sir, a Barbie, a Chihuahua, a Speedy Gonzalez, a Spider Man, an Iguana, a Transformer or a Cinderella? Wait a minute... haven't I seen you before? There will certainly be a smoothie withdrawal going on this week, and for others a guacamole and chip intervention; not mentioning any names.

The Smoothie Gang.

Amazingly delicious food, and eye-pleasing buffet stations for the floral designer in me. I just love a good design take-away.

Trapeze School was one way to beat the heat in Mexico, become your own fan.

With only one family member missing the trip (my son), our group made up about 10% of the Club Med population last week. Try moving a group of this size around, it's not an easy task.

A view of our last night in paradise, before heading home for some cooler weather. Back to cooking, cleaning and blogging.

Hasta Luego.

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