Friday, April 10, 2015

art-in-bloom: making connections

The concept of art-in-bloom has many facets, one of which is the collaborative connection that happens between artists. It's about the celebration of art, and the sharing of media for the purpose of making an artistic statement. This year officially marks my tenth year as a member of the Lynnfield Garden Club, and my tenth year participating in the club's art-in-bloom program. I owe much to my experiences with art-in-bloom, as it was that which lead me to floral school and to the launch of my business, Laura Thomson Design. A love connection, in the words of Chuck Woolery, that was made rather unexpectedly.

Every year I talk about the process of art-in-bloom, and how it always begins with the inspiration, aka the painting or piece of art. When it's time to choose a painting, all the beautiful pieces are laid out for the club members to see. Garden club members pick numbers from a hat, and the selection process begins. I was lucky number one this year.

Karen Duggan | "A Fall Walk"

I was instantly drawn to this beautifully saturated water color by Karen Duggan, called "A Fall Walk." After speaking with Karen on the phone, I learned that this was her first attempt at painting, and that her creative background was in the art of needlepoint (6th generation, to be exact). My curiosity was piqued. I couldn't help but think that her unique perspective must have played a huge role in how she interpreted her inspiration. Karen also talked about her connection to The American Needlepoint Guild, which has provided her the opportunity to travel the world, teaching, lecturing and judging needlepoint work. As our conversation continued, my mind was abuzz with questions. What are the current trends in needlepoint?  Is it a popular medium among the younger set? I had to find out.

Coral and Tusk

Coral and Tusk

In the throes of another sleepless night, I came across the website of Coral and Tusk. The serious creativity of their name, and the meaning behind it, immediately brought out my jealous side. The tablescape design was like a pressed-flower extravaganza of eye candy, and it drew me in from the moment I entered the site. I was amazed by the breadth of their work, and suddenly realized that I was most definitely out-of-the-loop. Have I been sleeping on the job, or have I not been paying enough attention? I may have been stuck in my thinking that this art form had ended with my grandmother's generation, and was not something that had clearly come along with the times. Shame on me! To say that Coral and Tusks designs were engaging would be an understatement. I connected especially with the natural aesthetic of their work. I, too, am a friend to the animals. Although, I may never pick up a needle, 'cause the eye sight just isn't what it used to be, that doesn't diminish the fact that I can truly appreciate the intricacy of these designs, the expert craftsmanship, and the attention to detail, obvious in every tug and pull of a stitch. Please read about the story of Coral and Tusk, here.

I almost forgot that I'm supposed to be writing about art-in-bloom in this post! I suddenly found myself lost in the desire to learn about the art of needlepoint, thanks to my conversation with Karen. Once I have my painting/inspiration in-hand, the process is pretty much the same from year to year. I start by pinning up the image someplace where I can spend time admiring its qualities, and considering the overall feeling that it invokes. I then start to think about the container. When I saw this West Elm collection, created by the talented floral designer, Amy Merrick, the search was over. The sandstone compote and bedside vase had the most unique shading, similar to that of a cross-section of a tree. It was the perfect beginning to my story. To change things up a bit, I decided to create a grouping or vignette of vases for my interpretation this year, putting to use some of the fun ideas I learned while in New York from Naomi DeManana, Senior Style Editor for Martha Stewart Weddings.

Art in Bloom begins on Monday, April 13th, at 7:30pm, with an opening night reception, tour, and treats. Hope to see you there!

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