Monday, April 11, 2011

Art in Bloom | 2011

Tonight was opening night for the Village Garden Club's Art in Bloom program. Garden Club members chose paintings by artists of the Lynnfield Art Guild that they then interpret with flowers. All paintings and floral designs are on display from April 11-15, 2011 at the Lynnfield Library for the public to enjoy.

This year I interpreted a painting called "Covered Bridge" by artist Carol MacKendrick, a member of the Guild. The colors in this painting were fantastic to work with.

The process starts (for me) with finding the "right" container, which happened to be at HomeGoods. I then brainstorm about what I want my design to say, visually, and what I might imagine the artist was trying to portray in his/her painting. It's a way to use my creative talents, and to showcase (hopefully) the artists work in living form.

The fact that this container was wooden, and had legs made my job even easier.  The color and shape of the container were just the icing on the cake. The combined elements of the container helped to support the look of the bridge, and create the feeling of a horse drawn carriage. The open design created by flower placement helps to show the pathway through the bridge; giving the design a focal point around the horse. A horse was an obvious add-in (for me), as the dark color helps to depict the inside of the bridge. I envisioned a horse from the moment I looked at this painting as though the scene had come to life. My choice of flower material was geared toward color and texture. I love strong colors so this painting really spoke to me.

This is my sixth year participating in this program, and I look forward to many more. It is always sooo interesting to see what other garden club members create. I always learn a little something each year from the other members as each interpretation is unique in its own way.

Until next time...L.

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