Monday, August 22, 2011

Arrangements by the Sea

I was recently asked to design table arrangements for my sister Alison and her husband Jeff's wedding celebration. I was excited that I would be able to give my creative input to the ambience of the event. In adhering to a more modest budget, the challenge will be to keep the cost of materials down without compromising the original design. To do this, I will start by using the materials right outside my door.

The best place to begin in designing this kind of arrangement is in choosing the appropriate container. Like they say in real estate: location, location, location! The fit has to be right. I happened to have some fun galvanized buckets that I had used for my son's high school graduation party. They will be an ideal choice, as I believe they will be suited to the outside, tented event by the sea. Additionally, I feel good about any opportunity to repurposing or recycle previous materials for new designs.

This past Saturday, two weeks before the event, I decided to test my ideas. I went to Jacobson in Boston and Bay State Wholesale, in Wilmington to see if I was happy with my container choice and to see what options were available for plant materials. I purchased a large box of Oasis that will last me a long time. [fillers used, hydrangea, hosta, grasses, sand dollar, raffia, fern, purple cone flower, etc.)]…I will need to find a filler that will better hide the mechanics of the arrangement as the fern from my yard did not hold up well. One good reason for a dry run before any event.

Until next time...  L.

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