Monday, November 7, 2011

Boxford Holiday Homes Tour, part deux

"Nothing is worth doing, unless it is overdone"
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This past weekend I was one of the featured designers, at the Holiday Homes Tour in Boxford, "Entertaining with Style." I chose to design my space with a slightly less traditional theme in mind. I decided to use my parent's annual cider party as my inspiration. A tradition that still exists today, thanks to my sister.

To begin the process, it was important to first consider the space (a beautiful front porch), and its unique features. The gorgeous wood floors and weathered gray walls, helped to create the ideal backdrop for my cider party theme.

My goals for the space were understated and sophisticated, so burlap table covers seemed like the logical place to start. When creating a design with a theme in mind, you can never spend too much time (including non-waking hours), figuring out how to best work in as much detail as humanly possible.

And since designing is like telling a story, this one began with a press.

My husband often helps me realize some of the mechanical aspects of my design ideas, which there are many. He is the engineer and I am the architect, for lack of a better word. Here is a collaboration between the architect and the engineer - not the best photo angle:(  Dear, I want a cone shaped holder for my design project, please. Oh, and did I mention there are nine chairs?

All the props used for my cider party space were either from my own private collection or for the most part, HomeGoods. Keeping cost down without sacrificing the quality of a good design is like music to my ears.

Mixing in heirloom pieces and HomeGoods finds, brings up the level of formality while creating a more unique aesthetic. My grandmother would be over the moon to see her red goblets in action. I never tire of their beautiful jewel tones.

photo credit: Yvonne Blacker

My son's painting is featured in this cider party vignette. A treasure of mine from his high school years at St. John's Prep. I immediately envisioned the painting hanging in this space, as the colors speak of fall with a contemporary flare. It hangs in my home and I have the luxury of admiring it everyday.

To the left of the porch is where all the cider-making happens, along with some "comfortable" seating. This press was purchased by my Dad from "The State of Washington," and has been in my family for over 32 years. It has graced many a lawn, around this time of year.

And last but not least, a little children's paradise, hidden under the weeping cedar. I can't even begin to imagine how old this tree is. Any guesses?

I want to thank my husband for all his help, as this design project would not have been possible. Honestly...the heavy lifting could not have been done alone.

I look forward to the opportunity of participating in the Boxford Holiday Homes Tour, again. I had the chance to meet some great people, and spend the day touring some fabulous Boxford homes. As I begin to put away all my design props, and return to a more normal schedule, it feels a bit strange to put this project to bed. Onto Thanksgiving, I guess.

Until next time... L.

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