Monday, October 31, 2011

Boxford Holiday Homes Tour

Faux Bois Screen
I decided, kind of last minute, to design a space for the Boxford Homes Tour. This year, the tour theme is "Entertaining with Style". Sixteen designers will be showcasing their talents based around various holiday themes, from Thanksgiving to New Years. Theme based designing is what I love to do, which is why I thought this event was a perfect match for me. Pictured here, are some of the elements that helped to influence my design.

Place Setting

I chose a somewhat non-traditional htheme for my design. The inspiration behind my theme comes from an old family tradition. My parents hosted a party every fall, celebrating the making of cider. With a cider press that my Dad purchased from Washington State (the heart of the apple capital), back in 1978 we would invite neighbors and friends to enjoy the process of making homemade cider. Each family would be able to take home a gallon or two, that they could serve on Thanksgiving. It never failed to be a cold, raw day in November, but that never drove away the guests. Our family and friends looked forward every year, to making their annual homemade Thanksgiving Day cider.

Asian Lantern
The infamous cider press will be making a guest appearance for the sake of my design, on Saturday, November 5, 2011. Unfortunately, I will not be sending home gallons of cider, but hopefully some inspiration. "Entertaining with Style," isn't about being fancy. Its about getting creative by using simple ideas, creating memories and traditions.

Grapevine Chandelier

More visuals that helped me to create my design plan.

Wool Tartan Throw
 Don't forget to bring along a girlfriend or two for a day filled with lots of holiday inspiration!!!!

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