Monday, October 17, 2011

Boston Antique Show

I had the wonderful opportunity to design a floral arrangement for my friend and designer, Yvonne Blacker. Yvonne's latest venture is her online magazine, New England Finery. New England Finery was in attendance at the Boston Antique Show, this past weekend. I was very honored and excited to be able to have my design on display at such a large event. I met Yvonne several years ago through the Village Garden Club of Lynnfield. Yvonne has been working diligently these last few years building a business for herself, and putting her design ideas out there for all to enjoy. She has been a true inspiration.

When I begin the design process for a project such as this, I have to work with visuals provided by the client. Yvonne had given me photos of her furniture, rug and color selections for the space. One additional inspiration was the cover of her online magazine, New England Finery.

While meandering through HomeGoods as I often do, I scored this outstanding vase. Not knowing all the details of the design yet, I took a chance. I had a feeling that this vase might work, and if it didn't I would use it for something else. The vase is a modern interpretation of a hobnail milk glass design, and its height was a lot of fun to work with.

After my design was complete, I planned a visit to see Yvonne's dinning room vignette in person. I wanted to be assured that my arrangement had helped to support her overall design concept. Working with photos can be tricky, but I like the challenge. I was pleased to see that all was as it should be, and thrilled about the feedback that I received from the antique show patrons.

Until next time... L.

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  1. Laura, your arrangement added just the right amount of fresh and colorful drama to complete my antique-meets-modern dining table! Thank you for being a part of the show!


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