Monday, January 2, 2012

The Mount Washington Hotel

We had the pleasure of spending two nights at the beautiful Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. It was an unexpected treat for the Christmas holiday break, given to us by my parents. This grand hotel nestles in against the majestic Mt. Washington. On a clear day you can see the weather observatory at the summit, but that wasn't the case today. From the coziness of your hotel window it is hard to believe that some of the most erratic weather conditions on record have been documented from the top of the Mt. Washington.

This is the first view of the grand lobby as you enter the hotel. The warmth of the fireplace is an ideal spot for reading, and enjoying a hot beverage of your choice. I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit during the holiday season as the place was decked out.

The expansive grand lobby with its Victorian chandeliers, help light the way to your room.  It feels a bit nostalgic to stand in the lobby, and wonder about the history of the hotel. What famous guest(s) may have also stood in the very same spot admiring its beauty.

I love the fact that the hotel's decor has visual meaning in keeping with its history, and rustic surroundings. This rug depicts all four seasons with birch branches running in between. The carpeting in the grand lobby, and throughout the hotel are all unique in some way. Woven into the designs are animals, trees and plants that are indigenous to the area. The hotel is designed with a mixture of formal simplicity, making it easy to feel right at home.  As I have had the luxury of visiting on a few occasions, I can appreciate why guests return year after year.

A nook located right outside the Grand Hall with three cuties all ready for breakfast. Let me just say that there is never a shortage of wonderful dinning experiences at the Mt. Washington Hotel. All who visit are on strict water diets upon their return home.

A life sized gingerbread house in the grand lobby becomes a kid magnet. I think I might know this group or maybe not?  Is that lovely child licking the gingerbread house?  Oh, no you didn't.

Waiting outside for the hotel shuttle down to the barn. Does he look a little cold?

The arrival of an Austrian horse drawn sleigh for sixteen. We were the sixteen!

As snowflakes fell on our sleigh ride, I tried to photograph their shapes, as they softly landed on the wool blankets that were wrapped around us.

The Barn
Passing the barn on our sleigh ride, and looking forward to returning during warmer weather when it will be open for riding.

After some tubing we headed back up to the hotel for lunch at Stickneys. Yes, time for another meal.

My little elf standing in front of the hotel before heading home. She is looking happy, and looking forward to a return visit.

Until next time...L.

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