Monday, January 9, 2012

An Elvis New Years

When my son was nine, and my daughter just eight months old it was the millennium. We decided to celebrate Elvis style, and make it a night to remember. My son came up with the idea to wear his First Communion suit, and to dress up like Elvis. A black wig we purchased to complete the look. This is one way to repurpose a First Communion suit.

Guests were greeted at the door by the surprise "guest of honor," a nine year old Elvis impersonator. This made my Dad howl.

We feasted on our traditional New Years fare of Chinese food, and guzzled down Star champagne. A themed cake specially ordered from The Cake House of Marblehead. A game of Family Feud created by two of my sisters was the evening's entertainment. One of the game questions was "What is Richard's least favorite chore?" Top three answers on the board Chuck, vacuuming, picking up sticks in the yard or cleaning the playroom. The answer being all of the above...

A time capsule was made that evening, and would be opened in ten years time which was just last year, December 31, 2010. It was interesting to learn about all the changes that had taken place in our family over that ten year period.  Marriages, births, Auntie's old boyfriends come and gone, college and Grandmothers and Aunts who were no longer with us.

This year was a quiet one as we had just returned from our stay at the Mt. Washington Hotel. We dined at our all time favorite Chinese food restaurant in Winchester, called China Sky.  Indulging in homemade sweets to top off the night. The time spent creating memories with my family has been the most meaningful and rewarding part of my life. I look forward to many more..

Happy 2012!

Until next time...L.

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