Monday, February 6, 2012

Felting Fever

Thanks goes out to my friend Maura Quinn, for teaching me how to felt an old sweater. She has given me felting fever, and I just cannot stop. She hosted a little crafty soiree on "Thirsty Thursday" a few weeks ago which started all this madness. I love having creative friends who I can teach me new things, as I love to learn anything design related. This is the same gal who made the gorgeous birch candleholders this past Christmas with the assistance of her husband. And, may I add that they are still married. Another tag team of designer and engineer.

I have always, always, always wanted something Valentine-y for my front door, but was never able to find just the right thing. I decided to stray from the group design a bit, and come up with a door decoration for my house instead. The other gals where making adorable strung-heart designs which could be hung around the home for a bit of valentine fun.

I was on a mission now that I had felting fever, and determined to come up with something unique. The gals at the party said that they could not wait to see what I was going to create, I thought to myself, me too.  I decided to pay a visit to a yarn shop, as I would need some wool yarn and the right needle. I had never been to a yarn shop before, and did not know the first thing about shopping for yarn. I found the Seed Stitch in Salem, Mass  where I found my 100% wool yarn to help finish my project.

What was I going to make? I had already envisioned puffy hearts what would I put my puffy hearts on??? I remembered seeing these wood wreath bases at Michaels so off I went to buy one. I bought two sizes, but ultimately went for the bigger one, as I wanted the wreath to be substantial. It was going to hang on my front door, and hopefully be seen from the street. While at Michaels, I picked up some needlepoint thread to help with the sewing of the hearts.

I then decided to cover the wreath base with felted wool that I would created with an old sweater, and poly fill to make it puffy. I went to the Salvation Army (per Maura's suggestion), to buy some additional sweaters, as I needed a piece large enough to cover the wreath base.

Here is the finished product! A Valentine wreath made of puffy, felted, wool hearts. I now have my Valentine-y door decoration that I have always wanted, and what makes it even better is that I made it myself. A little hard work, and some ingenuity pays back in hearts.

More to come on felting fever, as I made this flower pin with some of the leftover scraps of wool. My daughter cannot wait to pin this on her winter coat. Thanks Maura!

Until next time...L.

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