Monday, April 30, 2012

Terrarium Workshop

I am currently in love with terrariums. Specifically speaking, ones designed with varieties of succulents and mosses. I believe that they are unique conversation pieces for any room in your home. They provide a real designer-look for your interior and exterior (depending on where you live), spaces. The very best feature about these living miniature worlds, is that they are ideal for the person who doesn't have time to fuss. Pictured above is a terrarium that I designed for a client.

I hosted a "Terrarium Workshop," last week inviting a bunch of friends, neighbors and fellow garden clubbers to my home. I wanted to share my excitement over terrariums, and teach them what I have learned from my own experiences in making them. It ended up being a fun-filled night with lots of visual interest to go around.

Each terrarium design was slightly different as I had an array of vessels, and succulents for the choosing. The designers began with container selection, and rock placement to help provide drainage. Adding rocks into a glass vessel can be a tricky task, and I was hopeful that all vessels would make it safely through this process. And, they did.

Having just returned from Naples Florida, the design element for the evening was a starfish. With the natural appeal of terrariums you can add just about any design element you like. You may wish to add nothing at all, and let the beautiful textures of the succulents speak for themselves.

This terrarium is designed in a more traditional/contemporary vessel. I love how the placement of the succulents creates a tiered effect.

As you can see by the brown table covers that dirt was overflowing, ultimately signifying that a good time was had by all. This baby is chock full...stick a fork in it, I think it's done.

My terrarium designers in all their glory...

Until next time...L.

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  1. Laura, I love my terrarium. Every time I walk by it, I need to check it out. I have replaced the star shell with a glass frog my son gave me years ago. Thanks for the opportunity to create. It was fun getting together with "the girls". Bootie


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