Monday, April 23, 2012

A Botanical, Zimbabwean Experience

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Angel Fish by John Gutsa - Cobalt Stone
Combine the unique designs of Zimbabwean sculpture with the Naples Botanical Garden, and you begin to understand the experience. Time spent meandering along pathways of themed gardens is the recipe for a perfect day, at least for me.

Scenes from the Asia Garden with the Thai Pavillon centered inside this beautiful water hole.

The shiny spheres, and rough texture of this sculpture caught my eye. I cannot tell if it is intentional in its design, or abstract. Or maybe a bit of both, as I can see something different each time I look.

I was complimented on my "spotting," ability by Mrs. van Otterloo (a seasoned traveler), when looking for a lunch location. It started out a bit shady, but having forgotten sunscreen my shoulders did not agree.

This is the real deal folks, not faux bois. I imagine that this would be the perfect inspiration for a faux bois table design. I would love to have this rustic beauty in my own backyard.

The coral and beam pergola, seen from the chattel house in the Caribbean Garden.

Visit Zimsculpt to learn more about these interesting sculptures, and the artists behind their designs. This abstract sculpture reminds me of a graceful horse head.

Bending Bather by Gregory Mutasa - Springstone

This "Bending Bather," has gorgeous views sitting atop the Brazilian Garden. 

Mom,  Mrs. van Otterloo and Mrs. Knapp

It was a fun day spent with these lovely ladies. While I got to meander through the beautiful gardens, my daughter and husband went up to Orlando to experience the Harry Potter Exhibit at Universal Studios. I think I may have picked the long straw on this occasion.

Until next time...L.

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