Monday, April 16, 2012

Penn Love

The first time I visited the University of Pennsylvania, I fell in love. And, since one of the loves-of-my-life is currently attending university there, I had even more reasons to be in LOVE.

What makes visiting the campus of Penn and Philadelphia unique, is in the city's dedication to sculpture. For the design minded, there is visual interest overflowing. A Smithsonian Institute survey stated that Philadelphia has the largest outdoor art collection with over 700 sculptures placed throughout the city. Pictured above is the monument of Benjamin Franklin sitting in front of College Hall.

Split Button by Claes Oldenburg
"The Button," sits directly across from the Ben Franklin monument, and makes a bold statement. The design story starts with the sculptor, Claes Oldenburg who pictured the plump Franklin popping a button on his vest. He imagined that the button had split from the heavy foot traffic on Locust Walk, which runs through the heart of the Penn campus. Envisioning it finally landing here, in front of Van Pelt Library.

This is the Addams Family Sculpture outside Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall. The silhouettes were created in honor of Charles Addams, an architecture student from the 1930's. In order of appearance: Uncle Fester, Pugsley, Lurch, Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Grandmama and Cousin Itt.

Kelly Family Gates create the entrance to the Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall. Designed by Mark Lueders, contest winner, and MFA93' alumnus and sculptor. Hands and tools made of bronze are to symbolize the making of paintings, drawings, sculpture and clay.

King Solomon
This bronze statue was created by Alexander Archipenko. This sculpture captures his cubist origins of mixing hard angles with hollow curved spaces.

A recent visit from Mom and Mimi to see a Dischord performance.

Until next time...L.

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