Monday, April 9, 2012

Lamb and Ham and Tablescape

I wanted to make floral arrangements for my Easter tablescape. I was not looking to spend a fortune, as my event costs were being put towards the purchase of my leg of lamb. Which by the way, was delicious.

My friend Tracy who grew up in the floral business, and whose talents I admire often gives floral advice. I listen... One of her suggestions in dealing with the awkward "mixed bunch" is to divide it up by creating smaller groupings. That made sense to me, as I have often wondered why mixed bunches never look that good in a vase. The minute you take them out of the wrapping, it's as if you lost something on the ride home. The flowers all fall to the sides of the vase, and it looks horrendous. There simply is not enough plant material provided to make a full arrangement. I decided to apply her thinking in an attempt to reach my design objective which was to keep flower costs to a minimum.

I headed off to Baystate Wholesale to make my selections. These colors were not my first choice for my Easter tablescape, but the price was right so I had to be flexible. Two bunches at $12.50 each, came to $25.00. I was excited to get home, and give it a whirl. I started by dividing up the bunches. This way I could see from a visual standpoint what I had to work with. I would then be able to formulate a plan for my designs. I would be using mason jars, as I had them in several sizes and this would not add cost to the design.

My final arrangements photographed outside, before being placed on the table. I added orange satin ribbon to give them an additional punch of color. Two smaller vases (kid's table), designed with green poms, forsythia from my yard, and a playful orange striped ribbon.

I covered the kids tables with brown paper that I keep on-hand for wrapping gifts, protecting floors, etc. My daughter went around, and wrote each cousins name in marker to add her personal touch. As you can see she had not made it this table.

My Easter tablescape with a nest, tucked in and cozy. Lamb and ham all around...

Until next time...L.

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