Monday, March 26, 2012

Robert O. Caulfield

My best friend in the early days, was Wayne Caulfield. Pictured together at our preschool graduation from the Bethlehem School, in Lynnfield. I lived next door to Wayne, and spent a lot of time hanging out at his house. He was the youngest of five, and I found that to be very exciting, since I was an only child back then. Fond memories of us riding around town on our "banana seat" bikes, and drinking his Mom's famous purple Zarex.

Woman In The Garden

I remember seeing paintings of Cape Cod skiffs, displayed in the Caulfield home back then. Knowing at the time that they had been painted by Mr. Caulfield, but never thinking too much about it. Over the years, I would see Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield aka Marilyn and Bob from time to time, like at my wedding.  Mr. Caulfield's success became apparent to me when my parents bought their first painting, in 1990. It was the first time that I had seen his work, since childhood. Mr. Caulfield's style had certainly changed, and these were not the Cape Cod scenes that I had remembered as a kid. My son always thought that the woman in this painting was me, and I never bothered to correct him because I rather liked the idea; and still do.

October Shadows, Woodstock

Mr. Caulfield in collaboration with his son Craig, wrote a book about his life. Mr. Caulfield revealed very intimate details of his less than picture perfect childhood, growing up on the rough city streets of Roxbury; while being raised by his maternal grandmother. To learn more about his life, and how he became a painter, read Ruggles Street.

I correspond with Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield around Christmas, sending them pictures of my children every year. In return, they send me cards with lithograph prints of Mr. Caulfield's current works. They are the closest thing to a real Robert O. Caulfield that I can get right now. Using a bit of creativity I framed the cards, and created a montage of his work for my living room wall. This will do for now.

Name Unknown

All the paintings pictured are from my parents private collection, and I have the luxury of viewing them whenever I visit. I highly recommend The Art of Robert O. Caulfield, a beautiful coffee table book filled with gorgeous images of his paintings. Not to brag, but "my copy" was personally signed by Mr. Caulfield, and is a true treasure of mine.

Light Snow, 5th Avenue

I have also had the pleasure of visiting Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield at their Woodstock Gallery, located right on the green in downtown Woodstock, Vermont. Make sure to plan a visit, and don't forget to let them know that I sent you.

Until next time...L.

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