Monday, May 14, 2012

Art in Bloom at the MFA

After my master class with Paula Pryke, my friend Maura meet up with me in the cafe. Refreshments (wine and cheese), were necessary before embarking on our Art in Bloom tour. The first stop on our tour was this contemporary piece interpreted by the Weston Garden Club. The shape of the Calla lilies was absolutely perfect for capturing the essence of the inspiration.

Protea seemed to be a running theme this year for Art in Bloom, and for my master class. The interpretation pictured above has an open feel created by flower choice, and placement. The wispy, swirly style throughout the design, picks up on the beautiful pattern of the inspiration.

This interpretation depicts the movement seen in the inspiration. Strong colors support the heavy feeling of the marble carving, and flower placement helps us visualize the moving caravan.

This interpretation was designed by Bill Graham of Beautiful Things in Salem, Mass. Bill has been a guest speaker at my garden club, presenting his infamous Little Black Dress workshop. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his workshops, I highly recommend going.

My friend Maura and I loved the pairing of baby pink and aubergine flowers in this interpretation. The contrast was stunning.

This design had such a natural appeal with the use of moss, succulents and a piece of fan coral. The arrangement was designed using two separate containers. An up close view, shows how the Canton Garden Club was able to join the two effortlessly.

This is the inspiration...

and this is the design. Done in the style of Ikebana, a Japanese floral art form which focuses on a minimalist approach, emphasizing shape, line and form.

With tangerine being a hot design color right now, it was an ideal color choice for this particular piece. The flower and fan placement mimic its inspiration, beautifully.

The deep colors of this interpretation help to support the paintings strong color palette. The curve of the flowers, helps to demonstrate the shape of the ladies fan, and the circus ring in the painting.

This was my favorite interpretation. I loved the angles of the design, and how the flowers where placed in groupings. The inspiration for this design was of a ship in motion. Unfortunately, I could not get the painting and floral interpretation all in one frame. The use of folded leaves create the waves lapping against the ship's hull.

Spending time with a good friend while doing something you really love, is the recipe for a perfect day. Thanks, Maura.

Until next time...L.

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