Monday, May 21, 2012

North Shore Design Show

My friend and interior decorator Yvonne Blacker, was one of the participants in the North Shore Design Show held at the Wenham Museum. Please visit Yvonne's blog Design Vignettes, to read more about the show. I was lucky to have my terrarium designs on display in Yvonne's "Modern Family," mudroom vignette. Having just done my first design show this past October, I could really appreciate all the hard work, and planning that goes into making these fabulous vignettes.

My sister who just happens to live in Wenham, agreed to be my date for the evening Gala. We had never attended this event, and really did not know what to expect. As it turned out, it was standing room only, and the event was a huge success. My feet however were not in agreement, as I was wearing a pair of new heels.

Yvonne had a fabulous "potting sink" from Designer Bath, as one of her featured design items. It looks too beautiful for messy work, but a great addition to any mudroom. I absolutely love the rustic base and shelf underneath. One of my terrariums, appropriately placed, as though it had just been assembled.

My sister and I were drooling over this Peacock print from Circle Furniture. The colors in the print were the inspiration seen throughout Yvonne's space. Yvonne's mudroom theme did not miss a beat. There was a sense of practicality for everyday use while she demonstrated that a mudroom can be beautiful.

My sister is a big fan of Honey Collins, whose space is pictured above. I was not familiar with Honey's work, but very much enjoyed her relaxed family/living room vignette. Her color choice was soothing and welcoming. One of Honey's signature design features is her use of orange or tangerine tango, as it is referred to in the design world.

Another view of Honey's space. The painted floor really picks up on her color theme. The gorgeous painting I would imagine, was her inspiration and design direction for her for vignette. The overall feeling of her space was inviting.

Having been a rider during my younger years, this equestrian vignette really spoke to me.

Another unique addition to this vignette was this antler chandelier. This rustic piece would be a perfect fit my dinning room, and add a bit of whimsy. Based on the sticker price, that will not be happening.

Love the skins. This vignette was designed by a gentleman from Boston College. The overall feeling of this space was fun, upscale, and ivy-league. I pictured a first apartment, post-graduation assuming of course that you have procured a job.

Design is... what speaks to you on a personal level. The North Shore Design Show proved to be a design extravaganza. Plenty of design-candy to feast your eyes on. I will definitely put it on my calendar for next year!

Until next time...L

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