Monday, June 11, 2012

Confirmation WOW!

It's the time of year for celebrations like, Graduations, Confirmations, Moving-On Ceremonies and Weddings. The timing of this celebration could not have been more perfect, having just returned from the Teleflora Education Center in Oklahoma City. I had the unique opportunity to participate in a four day intensive wedding course, called Wedding WOW; after being chosen to receive a scholarship. With inspiration in hand, and a few new tools up my sleeve, I was ready.

My friend Cara's daughter Haley, would be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and they wanted floral arrangements for the party. Cara wanted to experience the process of being visually inspired, so off we went to the local flower market, to make our selections. In keeping with her color theme of purple, Cara immediately spotted these lavender purple hydrangea beauties. We had our starting point...

With the addition of white delphinium, lavender carnations and pink freesia, we were in business. As I headed home to my little design studio, I was confident that these designs would WOW!

The Confirmation party would be held in Cara's new pool house. A beautiful space for entertaining with a sense of casual, kid friendly warmth. Knowing Cara well, I was familiar with her overall decor theme as I have helped her with her interior spaces from time to time. As the guest of honor was a young woman, mason jars would be a sweet choice for the design vessels.

Snip, snip went my clippers with the addition of lambs ear from my garden, compliments of my friend Tracy. These petite arrangements would be used in groupings to enhance larger designs.

Creating nine of these lovely groupings took some time. They would be placed inside, and outside the pool house on all the guest tables. Tied off with a little raffia for a natural and casual affect.

The main centerpiece was designed with the addition of willow, moss and an air plant. A little whimsy, and a bit of the unexpected.

Time for cake. Cara and Haley looking happy and relaxed, as the party was a WOW! aka...Went Off Without a hitch.

Until next time...L.


  1. Nice Job Laura! the arrangements are beautiful.

  2. Nice Job Laura! the arrangements are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Lisa, that means a lot coming from you.


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