Monday, June 18, 2012

Graduation WOW!

I was asked to help another friend Maura, personally customize her daughters high school graduation party. Her daughter Katharine had just graduated from the prestigious Phillips Academy, and centerpieces were needed for the celebration.  Congrats to all... I'm sure it took a village.

The celebration was a tented event in their beautiful backyard. I love "at home" celebrations as I believe they allow for a more intimate and meaningful setting. In keeping with the "meaningful" theme, I was called on to heavily persuade the guest of honor into using her award winning artwork as the backdrop for my bouquets. This would not be an over-the-top design as both the budget, and guest of honor were modest.

The beautiful earth tones of Katharine's pottery would speak for themselves, and need little adornment. Petite hand-tied bouquets would be just enough to give a finished look to the tables, and the addition of a few petals all the way from Oklahoma City, brought it to WOW!

Flowers from my yard where used to create the designs. Tied off with some satin ribbon in complementary colors.

Each pottery piece had a tent card with the name of the piece, and the year it was created. The tablescapes were very persona,l and a true reflection of Katharine. What better way to pay tribute to four years of hard work than to honor her creative talents?

Another gorgeous cake from Cakes for Occasions, filled with a raspberry mousse.

This goes down in my book as "meaningful," with a twist.  Katharine has a way of saying things that can make you just laugh out loud or want to cry, if you are the sensitive type. This mural titled "Diplomacy According to Katharine," was a tribute of sorts, created by her family. By the end of the party this paper was completely full of interesting statements that Katherine has been famous for saying over the years.

This one is my favorite. To know Katharine is to love her for her unique way of existing in the world. She is a true original, and she will be missed. I wish her all the best at Georgetown as I know she will be a standout in Washington.

Rennes, where Katharine spent her Junior year abroad
Hopefully when she reads this post, she won't find too many grammatical errors and/or spelling mistakes.

Until next time...L.

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  1. Hi Laura! Thank you so much for doing the flower arranging! They all looked beautiful, and I think they really made the party special. I'll see you soon!


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