Monday, July 2, 2012

Rock Gardens at "Point O' View"

My Mom asked me to design some rock gardens at her Kennebunkport home. As I am always interested in ways to utilize my love of design, I agreed to help.  One of my favorite Kennebunkport stops is a place called Snug Harbor Farm, a perfect spot for all the necessary supplies.

I happen to be in love with succulents, as terrariums are the HOTTEST new design trend right now. Succulents would be perfect for this application as they can be planted in shallow areas, and spread well; not to mention the fantastic textures and shades that they come in. The harsh ocean winds will be no match for these low growing beauties. I used creeping thyme, dianthus, coreopsis, hens and chicks, mini hosta, dwarf ladies mantle, and several varieties of succulents to complete the design.

 Design elements were added to create interest, and soften the look.

I felt a bit like a mountain goat climbing up and down off of these rock formations. 

I even put on quite a show for guests of the Cape Arundel Inn, as I lost my footing and rolled onto the grass.  Pictured here are the windows to the Arundel dinning room where I'm sure my graceful landing made for good lunch conversation.

A perfect day for planting, but not for the beach. Stay tuned... As The World Turns at "Point O' View."

Until next time...L.

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