Monday, August 20, 2012

Generous Gardeners

I recently met Susan Kelly of Generous Gardeners at a local plant swap. Plant swaps are a great concept. Enabling gardeners to reach out to their fellow gardeners to sell, swap, buy or even give away plants to one another. This is just another fabulous way in which technology is helping "creative" people keep up with the current economic times. You don't have to compromise on creativity in order to update and/or add new interest to your garden surroundings.  I didn't know that this type of system even existed, though I have been reaping the rewards of swapping with my own garden club for years.

Susan explained that the concept behind Generous Gardeners, is not unlike Craig's List.  The benefits of swapping plants locally is that it can provide a guarantee of sorts to the purchaser, that the plant will perform well in your area. As we all know when it comes to gardening, there are no guarantees. Often times we waste our money on plants that just don't thrive for one reason or another.

Generous Gardeners offers an alphabetical listing of hundreds of plants including pictures, and detailed descriptions. Guests who visit the site can search for plant sales, garden tours and events happening in their area.

As the planting season is slowly coming to an end, this may be something to keep in your back pocket for next Spring. I'm already looking forward...

With the level of creativity and ingenuity that exists in our world today, it's not hard to be amazed at what is available right at our fingertips. The ability to access a niche interest (gardening), with the touch of a button once again proves that our creative options are limitless. You just need be open to the possibilities!

Until next time...L.

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