Monday, August 6, 2012

Going Golden at Glen Magna Farms

I recently designed arrangements for my client Kathy's parents' Golden Anniversary. The event was held at the beautiful Glen Magna Farms located in Danvers.

After my initial conversation with Kathy, I planned a visit to scope out the venue. It had been many years since I had visited Glen Magna Farms, and my son was happy to tag along as I coordinated a lunch invitation to coincide with our visit. We walked the grounds in hopes of finding some inspiration.

In thinking about some of Kathy's requests, and knowing the purpose of the celebration, I quickly developed my design plan. I started with seven large arrangements to be placed inside on the dining tables.

Eight tables were arranged outside for guests to sit, and enjoy the garden views. I wanted to achieve a natural garden-feel with my designs by using colors that where relevant to the celebration, and the guests of honor.

Kathy requested that I incorporate blue, as it is her mother's favorite color. I chose to add touches of yellow to signify the golden anniversary.

The pictures taken inside the house did not come out as well as expected.

A boutonniere for Kathy's Dad, wrapped in gold satin.

Loose flowers for the grandchildren to hand to Kathy's Mom on her arrival.

Working with Kathy was a golden opportunity for me, and the chance to design against the backdrop of Glen Magna was the icing on the cake.

Until next time...L.

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