Monday, October 1, 2012

Design-er Bug

Fall is definitely in the air, and I've got a bug. Turns out that it's just your average, garden variety, design-er bug. I woke up this morning like a woman on a mission, only nobody else knew it but me. During the non-waking hours of the night, it became clear to me that my living room was in need. The minute the last person left the house this morning things were in motion, and I was moving mountains or furniture before my second cup of coffee.

Let's start... with a new space plan. Furniture placement can instantly update the look of a room without breaking the bank, or having to break-out the paint brush. Since my living room is long and rectangular in shape, I formulated a plan to float the furniture in the center of the room. Envisioning a more cozy, and intimate seating area where guests could gather around the coffee table; and traffic flow would follow the perimeter.

RED just happens to be my signature color, and the running design theme in my home. As I am a person who gravitates towards warmer tones, I have been able to create spaces that I find easy to live with by choosing colors that work best for me. My living room is painted a beautiful shade of cherry red called "Sizzling Haute," by California Paints.

I am totally thrilled with the results of my efforts, and very happy with my new space plan. Phase two will be to update the fabric on the matching white chair, and add some fun poufs to nestle in around the coffee table. They will also provide some additional seating, when necessary.

My daughter has already put in her request for a bathroom makeover. Stay tuned... this design-er bug could linger for a while, and may even be contagious.

Until next time...L.

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