Monday, September 24, 2012

Fairy Attraction

                                                                                          If you build it... they will come

Back in 2006, a family friend invited my fairy and I to the Portsmouth Fairy House Tour. This was our introduction into the world of building fairy houses and gardens, a popular pastime found on the seacoast of Maine. Tiny homes and gardens fashioned out of materials gathered from your yard. The creativity was intoxicating, and we were hooked.

The minute attention to detail is evident in this photo. Fairy House participants ranged from Gardens Clubs to Brownie and Girls Scout Troops. Creating a diverse display of themes and designs to be enjoyed by all.  Not to mention the beautiful background, and historic setting of Strawberry Banke.

One of the reasons why I love terrariums (right now), is because they remind me of miniature worlds not unlike fairy houses. A glimpse into an imaginary world built with the intention of a night visitor. If you build it... they will come.

I am confident that no fairy could resist a ride on this wing-inspired, Merry-Go-Round.

It's move-in ready with a Spring bulb, miniature holiday tree, and a little seacoast spin. Jeff Lewis (love him), eat your heart out.

Expensive crafting materials are not required, just bring your imagination.

Check out the book series by author, Tracy Kane. You can usually catch her at the tour, and get an autographed copy of one of her books. Your fairies will thank you.

Happy Building...L.

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