Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Designer Bath "Zucchetti" Event

I was asked to come back, and design several fall arrangements for an upcoming event at Designer Bath. With a matte black Zucchetti tub as my inspiration, here goes...

What could possibly go wrong with a fall-inspired design sitting in this gorgeously shaped urn? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  This urn did all the heavy lifting, no pun intended, and the best thing about this design is that it is 100% maintenance free. Click here, to view photos of the "Zucchetti" Event.

I recently used these cylinders to design orchid and driftwood arrangements for the Designer Bath Shine Awards, in July. The design challenge would be to repurpose the cylinders, and create new arrangements with a fall theme. With the combination of sunflowers and bittersweet I was pleased with the results.

A great photo with the Designer Bath logo visible, taken by Yvonne Blacker, Marketing Director at Designer Bath. Thank you for your photography skills, and for the many opportunities we have had to work together. Looking forward to many more...

Until next time...L.

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