Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Installation

The time had finally come to update the urns at Designer Bath to something Fall and fabulous. These gorgeous urns where used as part of my floral designs for the "Shine" event, held this past July. I was so excited when Designer Bath decided to make a design investment, and purchase them. I was also excited about the fact that I would not have to transport them back to Eric's Flower Emporium. I was hopeful that I would have the chance to return in the fall, and create a new seasonal-inspired design.

With one foot still in Summer, and the other reluctantly moving into Fall the process began. The abundance of natural materials available outside creates an ease with which I can find inspiration.

Bittersweet speaks of Fall in a way that nothing else can, in my opinion. The beautiful colors and textures of Bittersweet help to visually support the look of any design.

I may be done for now, but the wheels are in motion for a return visit. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Until next time...L.


  1. Thank you for creating such a welcoming entrance to our Beverly showroom -- we love the dramatic and colorful transformation!


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