Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas, naturally...

A mid-week visit to Durkee Tree Farm to select, and cut-down a Christmas tree. 

A little gift... tucked inside the branches of our tree, and the perfect addition to our natural theme.

My little elf, assisting in the cutting process?

In years past, my little elf and I have decorated two Christmas trees. One smaller tree for our rustic-inspired dinning room, and one larger tree for our cozy family room. Because we have always adored the natural feel of little tree we decided to change things up slightly, and decorate the larger tree with an all over natural theme.

Since we would not be using our traditional red ornaments and berries this year, we decided to use what we had on hand; either from my design studio or from our backyard. All the while, keeping the cost of our design change to a minimum.

We did splurge however, on two design additions. A family of felted mice, and a new fur tree skirt from Restoration Hardware. I spotted the mice in Kennebunkport over Thanksgiving weekend at (one of my favorite stops), Snug Harbor Farm; where you are always guaranteed a little holiday inspiration. The tree skirt was purchased from Restoration Hardware, in case you need one. With these two additions, the theme came together like magic.

A Pottery Barn owl roosts on its pinecone perch, and tops off our theme perfectly! My little elf was most pleased with the results of her efforts, and happy that she had taken a chance in doing something a little less traditional. At least for this year.

Until next time...L

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