Monday, December 17, 2012

Williamsburg Inspiration

Every design begins with creative inspiration, and meaning!

When I am visually inspired, I automatically begin by thinking about the origin of the design, and its influence. In thinking about the design concept for the urns at Designer Bath, I knew that orange would play a significant role, as it is their logo color.

Colonial Williamsburg would be the inspiration, and meaning behind these designs. The epitome of designing with a natural approach by using 100% organic materials. Basically, kick-in it old school.

I decided to do my interpretation of a Williamsburg design with a slightly modern twist. I substituted in some faux oranges, knowing that they would hold up better in cold weather conditions. A little glitz (gold spray paint), helped soften the faux appearance of the oranges, and makes a festive color statement. While leaving out the pomegranates from the Designer Bath version, I allowed my red door to provide the punch of color.

These are some must-have black urns, purchased from Northeast Nursery after having used them for my design for the Boxford Holiday Homes Tour last year. I just love the glitzy feel of this design, mixed with natural elements, all in keeping with my style.

Currently, orange is not a color that appears in my interior spaces. However, I have considered incorporating it into my updated interior decor. With no intentions of changing my red theme, I am most definitely drawn to the addition of orange. As my design plan is already in motion, the decision has been made to leave my blue accents behind, and create a more tone-on-tone affect.

Until next time...L.

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