Monday, March 18, 2013

Flower and Garden Show | 2013

It's finally March, but it certainly doesn't feel much like Spring around these parts. It's a good thing that the Flower Show rolled into town this past weekend with plenty of visual delights.

Practically speaking... I've got my eye on this bunny-proof beauty. Love how it's planted in rows on the diagonal, because even your veggies can benefit from a little design style.

A "Small Space Garden On-a-Budget Challenge," proved to be a little slice of heaven by Fiori Secchi Gardens of Sudbury. The tangerine-tango colored teacup just perched on the arm of the moss-covered Adirondack chair (not available in stores), was my favorite.

Who doesn't love a beautiful window box for some inspiration? Mixes of euphorbia, ivy and red tulips are all very complementary.

Recycling at its finest!

And, if you don't have yogurt containers then water bottles will do.

Lisa Greene of Gordon Florist in Ipswich designed this "Trash to Treasure" arrangement. Read about her floral inspirations, and ideas on her blog Flower Factor.

Ending with Tulips & Topiary.

Until next year...L.


  1. I like your pics, Laura! Can't believe we missed each other this time!

  2. Thanks, having fun with my new camera.


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