Monday, April 22, 2013


Imagine for a minute that you're me. You're driving along on the outskirts of Philly totally unfamiliar with the area, and you see this sign. You hesitate for a second... wonder if you're dreaming, and then find yourself shouting STOP THE CAR! Could this be the infamous terrarium store in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, you ask? Are we in Glen Mills, PA? Why yes, as a matter of fact we are.

Soooo... to make a long story short I ended up at terrain completely, and 100% by accident. Or maybe not?  If I were in the market for patio chairs these would be perfect, paired with my black Woodard tables. Let me just mention that I acquired my Woodard patio sets from the previous homeowner during her "Estate Sale." I restored them to classic black (from canary yellow), and have been enjoying them poolside, ever since. 

Photo credit: Terrain Website
As I have been admiring terrain on Pinterest, and on the website for quite sometime, I was in a dream state as I walked through the place. I love this design in a pedestal-style vessel with moss visible from all angles. 

Photo credit: Terrain Website

An interesting modern design with wispy oxalis triangularis aka purple shamrock tucked into a bed of moss.

My only purchase :( was a pair of terrarium tweezers, which will come in handy for my own creations. I guess?

Chalk walls are all the rage due in part to their versatility, and organic appearance. How fun is this "Dirt" menu with a variety of selections including lobster compost, all the way from Maine? While on the subject of chalk walls, I recently had the honor of meeting Erin Gates (interior designer and blogger) who was just featured on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Her fabulous blog, Elements of Style Blog shows pictures of her design studio fully equipped with a chalk wall. I would love to do that in my own studio someday.

Happy Terrarium Making...L.

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