Monday, April 15, 2013


Blue Poppy
On my recent visit to Philly for another a capella performance, we drove out to the historic Brandywine Valley, in Southeastern Pennsylvania to see the beautiful Longwood Gardens.

The East Conservatory was designed with a park-like setting. It had large pristine-grassed areas with gorgeous Pride-of-Tenerife flowers on display. The scale of these flowers was impressive.

The Silver Garden in the West Conservatory was a tribute to the indigenous plants that grow in the Mediterranean and Desert regions. It was a room-sized terrarium of sorts with varieties of succulents, and cacti growing in abundance.

The Exhibition Hall in the Main Conservatory houses this huge sunken floor creating a beautiful reflective garden. 

The water-filled floor helps to provide a humid environment to support the needs of the plants that live here.

Although the weather was ideal on this particular day, it was a bit early in the season to be able to fully appreciate the outdoor gardens. The happy garden lovers aka willing participants.

Until next time...L.

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