Monday, April 8, 2013

A Penn Performance

On what would be my last official visit to Penn before graduation, I am reminded of the wonderful opportunities my son has been afforded as a member of the Penn community. As I stroll the campus with my daughter and husband I feel a sense of nostalgia as I think back, and wonder how four years have passed so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that my son and I drove down to Philly for the college tour.

Signs of the Hindu Festival of Holi are clearly visible on Ben Franklin, as he sits covered in colored chalk. Spring is definitely in the air on the campus of Penn.

With no shortage of chalk on campus today, I believe that we have located the performance venue. The theme of Dischord's Spring show is Harry Potter, which pleases the little sister.

After the show it's time to head out on the town to one of Philly's fabulous restaurants. On this occasion my son has chosen a Peruvian/Cantonese restaurant called Chifa. The pork belly buns were to-die-for, and the favorite of the night.

A glimpse of Spring nestled at the foot of this beautiful sculpture, seen on campus.

Until next time...L.

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