Monday, May 6, 2013

Urns of Inspiration

Naples Botanical Garden
I find myself drawn to container gardens wherever I go. I like to take-in the unique textures and colors seen in these designs. Whether it's the entrance to a restaurant, a visit to a garden, or a friend's front stoop, I am inspired by the endless design combinations all housed in one fairly compact space.

Kenneth Roberts Estate
Around this time of the year I am asked by clients to create container gardens in all shapes and sizes. I love to look on Pinterest for inspiration, and through my many home magazines to keep up with the latest trends. This wire urn was design by a favorite of mine, Snug Harbor Farm in KBPT, for the Kenneth Roberts Show House last summer.

Kenneth Roberts Estate
Nothing could be better (I don't think), than designing in an antique iron urn. Sometimes the simplest approach is all you need to get the job done. Flamingo Willow fill these gorgeous urns, and are appropriately positioned to create a privacy screen for this upper patio at the Kenneth Roberts Show House.

Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Oversized leaves called Colocasia aka Elephant Ears give this Massachusetts stone planter a sub-tropical feel, during the dog days of summer. Photographed at a Teleflora event that I attended last summer at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

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