Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Living Wall
That's Hot! ... as Paris Hilton would say. Walls of living art are HOT!  This greened wall was photographed at Longwood Gardens during my recent trip to Philly.

Photo Credit: Yvonne Blacker Interiors
Little worlds of mossy wonders are HOT!  Terrarium design(s) featured in the design space of Yvonne Blacker at the 2012 North Shore Design Show at the Wenham Museum.

 Japanese moss balls are HOT!  Kokedama bonsai are made from a mixture of peat, clay (akadama), and potting soil to create these unique stand-alone designs.

Large leafed trees are HOT!  A Fiddle Leaf Fig is the perfect design application for any corner. Just check out the tree I recently bought for designer/blogger Erin Gates, appropriately placed behind her new Hermes blanket.

Fresh floral fascinators are HOT!  A little eye candy for the hair goes well with any summer wardrobe.

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