Monday, May 20, 2013

a complementary palette

I went up to Kennebunkport this past weekend to design, and plant my Mom's window boxes. If you're thinking that it looks rather cold and windy from this photo, you would be correct.

This is the area-of-attack. Two Rockport planters by Walpole Woodworkers, selected by me to coordinate with the three window boxes already in place.

After a visit to Pettengill Farm (introduced to me by my talented floral-friend Tracy), all that remained was the installation. Although my client (aka Mom), had originally planned on reds, blues and whites, I redirected her to a color palette that I felt would be most complementary with the new door color. 

A design of mine wouldn't be complete without the additional "de" (design element), of course. Luckily, the Best of Everything has a location in downtown Kennebunkport for those types of accessories. I no longer have to wait until winter vacation to shop at the Naples store to get my fix.  A dollar a starfish, really??? Aside for the smell, they were a real steal. I must admit to one additional purchase, a sterling silver necklace inspired by this Tiffany design. 

With the objective of keeping watering/fussiness to a minimum we used terracotta pots, and ferns to sit under the new Pergola. This would complete our summer designs. 

A pretty view of the ocean, where we long for the arrival of warmer weather.

Until next time...L.

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  1. Love the color palette and the view! Great job designing the boxes, Laura!


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