Monday, August 26, 2013

The Sights and Sounds of Summer | 2013

SPEND TIME AT THE BEACH: Kennebunkport isn't just for The Bushes, you know.

TAKE A WALK BY THE RIVER: Photograph what speaks to you, and admire it all year.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Paddle-boarding at The River Club, for your bucket list.

READ A GOOD BOOK: Travel for the mind, and food for the brain.

FIND FLORAL INSPIRATION: Use Maidenhair Fern for an outdoor planter, because it works.

DISCOVER A GARDEN THROUGH THE IDEAS OF ANOTHER: Design a fence-like hedge with purple Verbena Bonariensis, and turn a few heads.

MARVEL AT A BEAUTIFUL VIEW: My Kennebunkport bedroom window, along Ocean Ave.

TAKE AN EXOTIC TRIP: Discover and explore a new land, like Mexico.

Hope your summer was FULL...  of new and exciting things.

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