Monday, September 9, 2013


Natural element: one turkey feather

I am constantly inspired by the world around me. Frankly, I am a total freak-for-nature! My mind CONSTANTLY runs on overdrive, which is not always a good thing; but works well for the benefit of a project. I often find myself visually combing the horizon for inspiration, and what I call "natural design elements." I spotted this beauty from the living room window, and I WENT RUNNING! And, the very next day... a yellow finch feather. Really?

Photo credit: Francoise Weeks

In thinking about natural design elements, look no further than the woodland botanic couture of Francoise Weeks. What can I say about this piece? The honeycomb (natural design element), draws me in immediately; and I'm thinking hellooo my little honeycomb friend. FREAK!

Photo credit: Francoise Weeks

I have this driftwood wreath pinned to my Pinterest board "Designs in Mind," because I simply have to make this natural beauty. With my parents' beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea offering all the natural design elements a person could possibly need, all I need is the time to give it a whirl.

Photo credit: Francoise Weeks

Francoise Weeks is a floral pioneer in the best possible sense. She knows just how to incorporate, and use natural design elements to their full advantage. Attending one of her workshops would be a dream come true, as I find her floral creations speak to me like the mother ship is calling me home.

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