Monday, May 19, 2014

testing, testing, one-two-three

While the husband was busy building a new design table, with minimal assistance from me, I was busy working on my own weekend to-do list. While unpacking these gorgeous mercury glass vases for an upcoming event, I immediately found myself side-tracked, which isn't too surprising. And to add further distraction to the mix, a bunch of fallen mushrooms suddenly appeared at my feet while crossing the yard. Thank you?? So with some extra peonies on-hand from my Senior Center Tablescape design last week, it suddenly became necessary to make a petite design in these mint julep cups, testing, testing, one-two-three. I did squeeze in a little time to make chocolate-chip banana bread, which lasted all of 5 minutes, and arctic char for my hardworking man. Stay-tuned for pics of my new table.

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