Monday, March 12, 2012

Art in Bloom | 2012

Artist: Britt Daw
Tonight is the opening night reception at the Lynnfield Library for Art in Bloom 2012. I am finally ready to interpret my painting for the second, and final time. I will be designing with fresh flowers, yippee.  My fresh floral interpretation will be on display at the Lynnfield Library from March 12-16, 2012, along with my fellow garden clubbers. I wanted my approach to be completely different than the silk interpretation that I had done for the window display. Demonstrating that there are many ways in which one can interpret a piece of art. Even if it is done twice, by same person.

I found this interesting lantern at none other than, HomeGoods. It was love at first sight!  I believe that the shape, color, shading and architectural feel of this lantern will be the twist I need to make this interpretation different from the last. I will not have to be concerned with size, like in the library window design. The lantern will represent the significance of the Eiffel Tower's size that I had wanted to represent in my design.

Who doesn't love the look of a great nest? This one I had on-hand, and it reminded me of all things french. It speaks of a stark winter with leafless trees, seen in the painting. Something a little unexpected to suggest a touch of softness (feathers), which will be in contrast to the towers cold metal exterior.

Floral elements for my design are tones of white to play on the winter scene, roses, lilies, pussy willow and Arabicum.

A close up of the flowers positioned inside the lantern. I adore the reflection of the lights against the glass. Not willing to change my original plan of having the arrangement inside the lantern, adjustments had to be made to make it fit. And, what seemed impossible this afternoon, worked out fine in the end.

The nest tucks in nicely against the burlap backdrop.

Thanks goes out to Britt Daw, whose beautiful watercolor of the Eiffel Tower was the inspiration behind all of my designs. Until next year...



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