Friday, December 13, 2013

#getintheholidaymood @ Glen Magna Farms


With only a few days left to tour the Designer's Holiday Show House at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, I felt it important to tell you about my recent visit. Last Sunday, I was invited to an after-hours event at the show house along with some fellow bloggers. Since I had already visited earlier in the week, touring for a second time gave me the chance to look a little closer, and really focus in on the influences of this historic home, and the inspirations behind the designs. Here are a few snapshots of the finished spaces, with much still left to be discovered, hopefully by you.

We began in the Foyer, which was designed by Michael Carter of Carter and Company. Beautiful ginger jars tucked in around gorgeous antique pieces, and nestled atop a stunning red and blue heriz, from Landry and Arcari.

From the Foyer, we stepped into the Drawing Room, designed by Donna Terry of Boston Design and Interiors. Her soothing combinations of textures and colors created a sense of calm and invitation. A unique giclee, positioned above an antique desk, was custom designed specifically for the space, along with many other custom installations. Ask Donna to tell you the design-secret behind her feather pillows.

As we entered the Endicott Library, designed by William Ralph of Fine Antiques & Design, it was apparent that his design choices were in keeping with a sense that an unexpected visit from Winston Churchill would not be unusual. Beautiful antique pieces from his own private collection fill the space top to bottom, many of which are for sale.

Moving upstairs to the Groom's Room, which was designed by Caitlin Flynn and Elyse Parkhurst of North Fork Design. Caitlyn and Elyse created the ideal space for any man to feel at home on his wedding day. As he enjoys his last few minutes of bachelorhood/freedom, he finds himself surrounded by richly colored walls and dark furnishings.

As we moved on with the tour, we stepped into the Brides Room, designed by Linda Hentschel of i-Design. I was immediately transported back to my own wedding day. Warm light was overflowing the space and its visitors, highlighted through her choices of color and texture, and so too the feeling of weightlessness. All the while, imagining and remembering the feeling of a bride on her most special day, her wedding day.

As the bride steps into her luxurious bath, designed by Diana Kennedy of Diana Kennedy Interiors, a wash of vibrant chinoiserie and a Monet-esque rug from Landry and Arcari create the perfect pairing.

Further down the hall we happen upon the Contemplation Room, where you will find its designer Candy Weston, of Weston Design, deep in thought. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that the portrait hanging above the fireplace was of Stephen B. Weston, her own relative--what a coincidence! The magic that Candy portrayed in her design reminded me of an old-fashioned Christmas shadow box come to life.

Continuing to tour the second level brings us to the Boutique and Sales Office, which was designed by Jenifer Dunn-Coen, of Well Dunn Home Designs. She brings the outside in, with a clever use of fabrics and the inspiration of the gardens in view.

Last but definitely not least, we happen upon the ladies lounge aka Coat Room, at the base of a petite staircase, designed by Yvonne Blacker of Yvonne Blacker Interiors. Updated tones of grays, mixed with pale pinks and gold helped to create the soft appeal of this room. A respite for party goers, specifically the ladies, where they can take time to refresh before rejoining the festivities. A rustic-framed Owl print, a favorite of mine, provides the perfect touch of whimsy to this design. Oh, and a floral design by moi.

Carve out a little time this weekend to #getintheholidaymood @Glen Magna Farms, I promise that you won't be disappointed. For ticket info click here, as the tour concludes on Sunday, December 15th, and you don't want to miss the chance to feel inspired.

All photos provided by the Show House Designers, with additional spaces and details not pictured. All the more reason to plan a visit before the show ends!

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  1. I love hearing about the show from your point of view, Laura! Thanks for being a part of my space and for visiting with us twice! We were happy to have you there! Your flowers are still be talked about (love that container!)


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