Monday, January 20, 2014

a picture is worth a thousand words...

A picture is worth a thousand words...especially when your design is one of the subjects in the picture!

Back in September, when I created floral designs for the ASID New England "Excellence in Design Awards," I had no idea that a photograph of my work, taken by Andrew Swaine, would end up on the cover of the Winter 2013 ASID New England Chapter Magazine. Yay!

click here to read the full publication on ISSUU

Thank you to the "Excellence in Design Awards" event committee: Amanda Greaves, Katherine Hawkins, Lynda OnthankJill Janasiewicz and Yvonne Blacker,

and to the "Excellence in Design Awards" event sponsors: Cybele, Lyon-Waugh, Design New England, FBN Construction, Designer Bath, Landry&Arcari, Kallista, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful evening. 

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