Monday, January 6, 2014

Opportunity Knocks with a Cherry on Top!


Opportunity came knocking this past November, when I was asked to create designs and do a tablescape demonstration for a holiday event that was being hosted by Dorothy Goodwin and Joe Petrucci of Century 21 in Wakefield. To put a cherry on top of this already amazing experience, I was told that I might be mentioned in one of the upcoming Century 21 Commonwealth Newsletters, to which I exclaimed, WHAT, you must be joking? No, they weren't, I made the second page!



When the newsletter finally reached me, and I began to read, I was stunned by the references made about me. What an honor to think that my love of creating pretty things could be thought of as art.

I want to thank Dorothy Goodwin and Joe Petrucci AGAIN, for asking me to join forces. I would also like to thank Roy Goodwin for photographing my designs in such a beautiful way, and Sarah Mattero from Mills PR, for writing such a lovely piece about the collaborative efforts of two real estate agents and one aspiring designer.

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